Posted by: dkeaquinto | January 17, 2009

Finishing Christmas

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed, you do nothing at all?  That’s me and blogging lately.  Once again it took some words of wisdom from my sister and my favorite hair stylist, and I quote, “A few pictures with captions; that’s all we want.”  So I say, give the people what they want.  Here we go:

Bria eating a Cinderella waffle made especially for her by her Aunt Christine.  She still asks for a Princess waffle… 🙂

Bria eating princess pancakes

My girls in their matching sweaters from Gramma Karla!matching sweaters from gramma karla2

Matching sweaters from Gramma Karla

Cousin Talia and Bria at the BYU bowling alley!  We had a lane for us the Joes and another one for the Boones and Guterrorists.  And all the little cousins had their own lane with bumpers.  Let’s be honest, I should have been bowling with the little kids!

Talia and Bria bowling

After a night of Bria throwing up on Dan 3 times, we still looked forward to Christmas Eve.  And all the pagentry that goes with it.  Bria made the cutest little sheperd:

Shepard Bria

Kylee was Mary, Derik was Joseph, Sonia and Talia were angels, Gabe, Trinton, and Cole were wise men, Bria and Mia were sheperds, and if you look closely you’ll see that Sofia and Shane are the sheep.  Not pictured are Babbo the narrator and Joe as King Herod.

Christmas Pagent

Seriously, how cute are Gabey and Coley-Boley?  🙂

Gabe and Cole as wise men

The sheep who stole the show:

Sofia and Shane as the sheep

We had the best time opening presents with all the cousins on Christmas Eve and enjoyed being together as a family.  We can’t thank Babbo and Nonna enough for all of their generosity.  The cousins were watching a website track Santa across the world and were excited to go to sleep so that he wouldn’t skip their house.   Bria was still fighting off the stomach flu, so finally at 9:30 on Christmas Morning, we had to wake her up to open presents before the big family breakfast at Sam and Jen’s.

Bria Christmas morning 08

Bria christmas morning2

Sofia’s first Christmas:

Sofia's first Christmas

Sofia's first christmas2

Later that day we got to hang out with cousins.  Bria and Kylee got BYU cheerleader outfits and were trying them out.  They had some help from Cole.

Bria and Kylee cheering with Cole

Bria and Kylee cheering

Sofia made herself comfy lounging in the recliner.

Sofia lounging in the recliner

Sofia in her recliner

What can I say?  We had a wonderful time.  What a great way to remember the Savior’s birth- Merry Christmas.


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