Posted by: dkeaquinto | January 11, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

We went to Orem, UT for Christmas and there was a ridiculous amount of snow.  Here’s Bria getting ready to play in it:

getting ready for the snow

Spencer starting a snowman:

lots of snow

With the bull dog puppies out with everyone, Bria found refuge on her Uncle Spencer’s shoulders.

Bria on Spencers shoulders

Dan ready for a snowball fight.

Dan in the snow

Mia and Bria

Mia and Sofia in the snow

Nonna holding Sofia, watching all the action.

Nonna holding Sofia in the cold

 And then about 15 minutes later, Bria was freezing and wanted nothing more to do with it.  Too bad it snowed the rest of the week.  Here’s a parked car on Dan’s brother’s street:

buried car



  1. That’s Safita’s car! I can’t believe they let it get sooo covered.

  2. You still can’t see the car! It snowed even more after you left! We sure had fun!

  3. Okay, the picture of Sofia and her nonna is sooo cute.

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