Posted by: dkeaquinto | January 3, 2009

Christmas Prep

This year has been so fun with Bria getting into the fun seasonal activities.  We made a ginger bread house (okay, Costco made the house, we decorated it) and Bria squeezed the icing and did all the decorating on the little trees by herself!

gingerbread house 

I set up the timer on the camera and got this great shot of us cracking up at Bria saying, “Let go of my hair, Sof!”

gingerbread timer picture

She is learning that Santa is very fun thing and when he asked her what she wants for Christmas, she said, “presents.”  When he asked what kind of presents she wanted, she thought for a second and then said, “Pink ones.”  She is my girlie-girl 100%.  Sofia wasn’t so sure about his beard.


She shouts “Christmas lights!” whenever she sees them, but her favorite so far is making cookies.
Rolling out the dough:

Rolling out the dough 

Cutting cookies in fun shapes:

Bria cutting cookies

Frosting them with green icing:

Bria frosting cookies

Dumping out the sprinkles:

Bria with sprinkles

Showing off her masterpiece:

Bria's masterpiece

Enjoying said masterpiece:

eating cookies

I wish I had pictures of her helping wrap presents.  Let’s just say, tape dispensers need a shorter limit and kid’s scissors can’t cut butter.  This is too much fun!!



  1. these are so fun-i love the one of the four of you with sof pulling the hair-that is a GREAT picture of you guys! p.s. i miss you. tear.

  2. Long hair is so difficult when you have little sisters! Amelia gets mad at Rosie all the time for pulling her hair. I love that Bria asked for pink presents. Last year, Amelia only wanted purple presents. It’s funny how they are born with a certain way of thinking!

  3. Do ya’ll have the book Pinkalicious? Bria will love it! We got ya’lls christmas card! Sierra knew right away that, that was her baby Bria! I am still in awe how grown up both Sophia and Bria are getting. Bria looks gorgeous making those cookies! She makes it look so easy!

  4. You guys have such a cute family! Looks like you really enjoyed the holidays!!

  5. Christmas is so much better with little kids around. Until I have some of my own, I’m going to enjoy yours. Thanks for sharing.

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