Posted by: dkeaquinto | November 9, 2008

Bria’s first haircut!

Bria’s hair has needed a haircut for awhile, but Dan was worried about it being cut too short.  He said, “Let’s call it a trim.”  So here is Bria prepping for her “trim.”  She’s thrilled, can’t you tell?


Kirsten cut her hair at Amber’s house with the hopes of coaxing an unwilling Zach to participate in the haircutting party.  Although it turned out to just be a Bria haircutting party, it was fun to hang out at Amber’s and we are glad she volunteered her kitchen.  Thanks!!  Bria loved watching the whole thing in the mirror across the room.


I didn’t know she was freaked out or what because Bria did not say a word the entire time.  I think she liked it because, she stayed so still and even tilted her head the way she was supposed to and everything.  She did great!!


I wanted her to have a cute little bob or maybe a stacked A-line cut.  But, knowing that I have to live with my husband until it grew out… I thought better of it.  Here’s the finished “trim.”  Dan was pleased that I didn’t cut it like a boy and spike it up.  Actually he really loves it.


Here’s the back:


Now that we are fine with a couple of inches, maybe we can work on that bob… 🙂



  1. SOOOOO CUTE!!! I love these pictures! I miss her so much!!!

  2. First haircut! I still have my lock of hair from mine. (I guess it wasn’t that long ago since I took forever to get hair!) It looks so cute. I love her expression, or lack there of, when she is getting her cut and leaning to the side! She needs to give her cousins a lesson in sitting still. Derik and Gabe haircutting sessions are fast and successfull is there is no gagging or throwing up! We can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. She looks adorable! I’m with you, the short cuts are fantastic, but I do like staying married, so my girls have long hair too.

  4. ha ha! I love the pics of her while she is getting it cut. It’s such a serious, mom you better know what you are doing, look. The finished product is adorable, but I agree…go for a bob!

  5. i love how serious she is while the haircut is taking place…….

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