Posted by: dkeaquinto | October 17, 2008

Our Wedding Day

Dan and I were married on October 12, 2002 at the LDS Bountiful, Utah temple.  There are so many things I remember about Dan on our beautiful wedding day…

How adorable he is…

How he made me laugh…

They way he held me close…

How he danced with me…

and sung to me in Italian…

the way he kissed me…

and kissed me…

and how in love with him that I was…

and still am.  Happy 6 years, my love.



  1. You two are such a beautiful couple (and you make cute kids . We are so happy to have you here in Colorado!

  2. Kristin, that is the cutest most thoughtful thing I have ever seen! I am so glad my little brother has you! You two will be happy for eternity! Happy Anniversary, We love you guys!

  3. I love it! Congrats!

  4. Ahhh, that is so freaking cute. And I’m not going to show Mike because he already thinks I rip him apart in our blogs (whatever) so if he sees this he’ll really be mad at me! So sweet!

  5. Adorable! Congrats!

  6. you are the sweetest! i’m so glad you are so happy-you deserve it SOOO much!

  7. Your girls are gorgeous! I had no idea you had any, I haven’t seen you in forever!! I’m so glad you found us because now we can keep tabs even though we’re so far away. Where are you guys living at? We’re in Arizona. Are you still teaching or are you at home? So great to hear from you!!

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