Posted by: dkeaquinto | October 3, 2008

Sofia is 3 months old!

Here is my adorable 3-month-old, Sofia!  She is starting to laugh which is what she was doing during this little photo shoot.  She loves “talking” to Bria and patty-cake with her feet (sure way to get her to smile and laugh).  It’s so fun to watch her get really focused on a toy and then bat at it until she grabs it!  She is an amazing sleeper who has slept through the night since she was a couple weeks old.  She tries to sit up in her car seat and it’s so funny to see this little baby pull her head up and then lay back to do it again.

Bria loves to hold her baby sister and I couldn’t resist posting this one of the two of them!  I’m a lucky mom!

Here is Sofia and Bria answering questions.  You never know what a 2-year-old will come up with.



  1. that is just about the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen-i bet that little bria is never any trouble at all. my favorite is that she’s “8 lbs.” old.

  2. Hilarious! Rich and I are still laughing about 8 pounds! Love it. Cute gingerbread house too!

  3. Cute! That is the most I have seen Bria talk and it is adorable… 8 lbs!

  4. Oh my goodness, Talia couldn’t get over that! She made me replay it like at least 6 times. She thought is was soooooo cute! We loved it! The video was much more exciting to watch for Talia than to just look at the pictures. Thanks for putting that on, really great to be able to feel like we were there with them. Sofia is adorable.

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