Posted by: dkeaquinto | September 17, 2008

mmmm doughnuts…

When the rain pours non-stop all morning, it’s time to find somewhere to go to get out of our spacious 950 square foot apartment.  My brilliant friend, Lindsay, got creative and suggested Chuck E. Cheeses to play around (not to eat the cardboard pizza) and then Krispy Kreme to watch the doughnuts being made (and of course, to eat them). 

After watching the doughnuts go through the assembly line, we sat down to eat our doughnuts (mine was my all time favorite- pumpkin spice and Bria’s was a chocolate iced with sprinkles). Bria eats the top of the doughnut first, no sense in wasting time with the non-sprinkled part. 

The manager came by and asked if Bria liked her treat.  With her big eyes, she just looked at him like he was crazy for even trying to talk to her.  No words were spoken.  He continued to try to get a response from her with no avail until he asked if she would like to make her own sprinkle doughnut.  She looked at me and said let’s go! 

So, Bria and I, my friends and their kids, and some random lady and her son, got to dip our own Krispy Kreme doughnut in swirling chocolate icing and then drop it into a big bucket of blue and orange sprinkles!  The nice manager put them in individual boxes for the kids to take home!

Bria with her friends, Violet, and Braelyn were not only loaded up with sugar, but with fun free stuff too (hat, twisty straw, and a pencil).  It was a great rainy day!



  1. Hey girl! I wondered if this was the former haskell, You look the same as you did as a young girl only cuter! Your children are adorable! Drop me a line and let me know what you are up to!– I live in Houston.

  2. That’s awesome, the Eaquinto “stop talking to me I don’t even acknowledge you’re there” attitude totally worked again! Good thing she didn’t give in when the manager first started talking to her or else he wouldn’t have had to bring out the big guns.

  3. Okay, you have no idea have jealous I am of Bria. I looooove doughnuts, and to get to make your own with sprinkles!! I wish I could have been there–for multiple reasons. 🙂

  4. I expect Bria will continue to policy of no talking to strangers or donut enticing Managers….
    We are happy to see Sofia’s smile and can’t wait to see ya’ll soon.

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