Posted by: dkeaquinto | August 30, 2008

Tiny Town Adventures

Tiny Town is a place in Morrison, CO that is a little kid-sized town.  The last time we went, it was the day before I had Sofia.  So, I have pictures from that trip as well as yesterdays. 

Of course, we had to get a picture of Bria in the Real Estate office (several family members-including my mom, are realtors).

 So fun!

Tiny Town has a cute train that takes us all around the property.  (The picture is from the website)

Here is Bria waiting for the train with her friends!

All aboard!!  Yes, that’s Sofia squished in between us in the Baby Bjorn.

She thought she was so big holding onto our tickets and then giving them to the conductor!

After lunch we had ice cream.  Yes, vanilla to reduce potential stains.  This is one choice that I don’t let my toddler make.

Sofia’s first trip to Tiny Town- and she’s thrilled!



  1. How fun!! I can’t wait to take Brody there when he is older. Bria looks like she had a blast. I can’t believe how big Sofia is!

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