Posted by: dkeaquinto | August 6, 2008

Sofia’s blessing weekend

Sofia meeting her Great-Grandparents for the first time!

Fish tacos (sounds gross, but these were actually good!) at the Fish City Grill.

Bria monkeying around with her cousins at the Denver Zoo!

This is just after Sofia’s blessing with almost all of our family who came.  Some escaped without being photographed with the group…



  1. I know my parents and the Gutierrez fam sneaked away from pictures, but where the heck is Cole?

    Also, Richie is talking smack about Dan on my blog! Check out the comments. I think he’s funny. But I’m thinking about taking it down because he talks about the Utes in a positive way- I think I’ll make an exception just this once, but somebody better tell him he’s let go of the iron rod and wandering in the mists of darkness before it’s too late.

  2. yep, we snuck away, but in our defense, no one told us there was going to be a picture.

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