Posted by: dkeaquinto | July 24, 2008

Nice Cup o’ Tea

In, Sleeping Beauty, the good fairies are discussing what to do about the curse that has been placed on Princess Aurora.  Fauna says to Flora, “Come have a nice cup of tea.”  Now when asked what she would like to drink, Bria says, “A nice cuppa tea.”  So, for breakfast I got out the tea cups and we had a nice cup of O.J. 

So cute- even first thing in the morning!



  1. How adorable is that?! I hope all is well after yesterday – it taught me a lesson about not having my phone around me at all times (a lesson I regret t o say I’ve learned before).

  2. Maaan…she’s going to wig out the first time she has some real tea:) “MOM!!! These fools don’t know anything about making tea! Too watery, not sweet enough, no oranges!”

  3. Oh, a girl after my own heart. What a doll. Let Bria know she can come have “tea” with me anytime. I love Sleeping Beauty, too.

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