Posted by: dkeaquinto | July 18, 2008

Thank goodness for Grandmas

Here is Dan’s mom, Nonna (Italian for Grandma) with Bria and Sofia this morning before she left.  I have been so blessed to have her here for 6 days after my mom left.  She has been wonderful to have and has helped me so much!

Here is my mom with her grandkids, Sofia, Brody (Stacie’s little boy), and Bria.  I can’t thank her enough for coming out and helping me right after I delivered.  Bria loved having her here and having 100% of Gramma’s attention!



  1. Hey There!

    What beautiful daughters you have! I was checking out Seth and Rachelle’s site and saw your blog. It was so fun to see pictures of the Eaquinto Family! I’ve missed you and teaching as well. Jeff, the twins, and I are all doing well. We continually have crazy, busy, fun-filled days–as I’m sure you can relate. The twins are about to start their third year of preschool and will probably be in a full day kindergarten program the following year. So…I’m gearing up to sub this year and then hoping to get a full time contract for the following year. Something about this time of year always makes me nostalgic for teaching–it must be the spiral notebooks on sale for 5 cents a piece or something like that! Take care of yourself.

    Erin Linton

  2. Hi guys! Cute pics! I too loved it when my mom and Chris’s mom helped me after Rhett was born. It made it so much easier so recover. Anyway, hopefully you guys are adjusting well. We love you!

    Kim, Chris, Owie, and Rhett

  3. your new baby girl is so beautiful!! congrats on the new baby, you looked beautiful too, especially after all your drama-how scary!!! can I add your blog to my list? I like blogs better then facebook. tell your fam I said hi, your mom looked great- I think scott and matty were in the MTC around the same time, where is he on his mission? my blog address is


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