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This is a TMI (Too Much Info) alert.  If you don’t want to read labor stories then don’t read this.  After Sofia was born, my placenta didn’t deliver.  My OB called for the anesthsiologist to come and give me another dose because they needed to give me a DNC (basically scrape out the inside of my uterus).  My placenta was growing into my uterus and when it came out it looked like ground meat.  That’s when my blood pressure dropped and I got really tired.  I thought it was just because it was a long labor and 1am that I wanted to close my eyes and sleep.  I guess what happened was the extra dose of epidural medicine caused my blood pressure to drop and I had a Vasovegal response (fainting) to the DNC.  They couldn’t get a blood pressure reading at all- for at least a minute.  My IV stopped working so they couldn’t get me the Ephedrine shot that I needed to raise my blood pressure.  They couldn’t start a new one, because they couldn’t find a vein.  Finally, the anesthsiologist got the IV to work and they were able to give me the meds.  Dan says they were excited to see my blood pressure get to 49/28.  It was way more traumatic for Dan and my mom.  My mom said she couldn’t even look at me because my color was the same as the sheet.  But, I’m fine now and everything turned out okay.

The point is, I’m glad I delivered in a hospital with doctors and nurses who were able to help me.  I’m blessed to have both my daughters be born happy and healthy. 






  1. Ahh! So scary! I am so glad that you delivered in a hospital too. When I told my mom what happened to you, she told me some of her own really freaky labor/and or birth stories to relate to you… you’ll have to ask me about them when you are ready to hear them 🙂

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl!! I’m so glad you are ok after that frightening post-delivery. I’m sure your family feels doubly blessed. Enjoy this precious, wonderful time!!

  3. Don’t forget that it also freaked out your sister!!!!

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