Posted by: dkeaquinto | June 28, 2008

New Crib

We were so excited to set up our crib and reuse the cute girl bedding that I love!  Especially that we didn’t have to buy any new furniture for this baby versus where we had to buy everything for our first.  Of course, that wasn’t to be… We set up our crib on Monday and Tuesday morning I got a text from Dan’s sister, Angie, about a crib recall she saw on T.V.  No way would ours be affected, right?  But, by Wednesday I had an email from Babies R Us saying that our crib that we bought 2 1/2 years ago was being recalled.  We had to completely take down the old crib and go buy a new one (the voucher process takes 4-6 weeks) because I’m having a baby on Thursday.  So, long story short, we got a new crib that we love and it’s all set up and ready for our baby girl in 5 days!!



  1. That sucks about the recall, I’m glad you found a new crib so quickly. Nonna and I should be rolling into Denver on the evening of the 6th, then heading out to Missouri on the 7th. We’ll come back to Denver on the 11th I think and then Nonna will stay with you guys when I go home on the 14th. Joe and I go to Michigan on the 16th and I need a day to do laundry between trips.

  2. Yea for new babies and new cribs. I’ll be thinking about you this week. I hope all goes well. And even more, I hope this new, sweet, little girl gets a name both her parents like. 🙂

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