Posted by: dkeaquinto | June 22, 2008

Check the Radiator Day

Dan’s grandpa, Dick Lambert, would always tell his wife (Grandma Delores) he was taking the grandkids to “check the radiator” when he wanted to go out for ice cream.  Since his passing, Grandma D, all 7 daughters, and numberless grandkids and great-grandkids (no matter where they live), go out for ice cream on his birthday.  Yesterday, we went to Cold Stone where Bria picked out the pink ice-cream (strawberry) with sprinkles and Dan and I split the Oreo Overload!! Happy Check the Radiator Day!



  1. Hooray! And happy birthday to the Old Goat. Thanks for posting about your check the radiator excursion! I always love thinking about how the whole family is out together enjoying their treat and memories of Dad on his birthday. We went down and celebrated with Mom and the Tuckers. It was great.

  2. Looking at that pic of you and Bria again, I’m surprised at how much she reminds me of Sonia at that age. Maybe it’s the hairstyle and camera angle?

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